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Get Noticed!

I started this blog in November and wrote one opening post since then. Pretty impressive, huh? I know that 0.25 post per month is not an amazing number, but surely I can try to make up for you some possible excuses. First excuse that just came to me is a very well known and always valid statement: I did not have enough time for it. But is it really true? How it is possible that I did not have time for blogging, but I had time for hanging out with friends, drinking beer, playing Witcher and watching Netflix?

The real problem is, that writing posts for this blog always had lower priority than anything else. To be honest, I feel ashamed that my blog contains just intro post and I want to change this. My idea to tackle this problem of mine is to participate in the contest called “Get Noticed!”.

What is Get Noticed about?

Get Noticed is a contest for everyone who would like to start blogging about IT. The only requirement of this contest is that you have create some open source project and write two blog posts every week. One post should be about your project and second can be about anything related to IT in general. Contest starts in March and ends in June.

Maciej Aniserowicz ( is a guy behind this great idea. Some time ago he decided to quit his regular programmer job and he started blogging, podcasting and coaching on full time basics. Now he inspires other people to blogging and constant personal development.

Why am I participating in Get Noticed?

As I wrote few lines above, I have problem with motivation to write posts on this blog regularly. In the same time I feel really bad about this. Maybe I’m not right, but I think that participation in that contest will help me with my motivation and this blog will be full of content soon. Can’t wait for that moment!