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Few words from Wroclove.rb 2017

I finally arrived to Wroclove.rb conference this year. I’m more than happy, because I was unable to purchase ticket in last 2 years. Usually all batch of tickets were gone within 10 minutes. This year I did my homework and I was observing Wroclove.rb twitter account for tickets very closely. Below you can find some brief description of talks that I liked the most.

KARAFKA - PLACE WHERE RUBY, RAILS AND KAFKA MEET TOGETHER - Maciej Mensfeld Interesting talk about Apache Kafka and usage it within Ruby/Rails projects. I liked the talk because Maciej did not focus too much on code, but just explained the main concepts of Kafka in a very convenient way. His framework Karafka allows to communicate with Kafka in more Rails way.

THE OVERNIGHT FAILURE - Sebastian Sogamoso Great talk about one of the fuck ups that Sebastian experienced in his former job. He described in detail what happened and what he and his colleagues did in order to prevent such situations in the future. Talk was so inspiring that in the very same evening I looked through all of my payment processors that I wrote just to make sure I can sleep safely.

THE BABEL FISH IS DATA: A CASE STUDY - Norbert Wójtowicz Very professional and interesting talk about Clojure. I especially liked the part about ClojureScript and possibility to perform automatic tests on models without writing any additional code. Speaker also mentioned Datalog which allows to query DB in declarative way. I didn’t try Clojure yet, but this talk encouraged me to do so.

I liked also Ruby vs. Elixir discussion panel. Obviously it is hard to compare those two languages, but anyway discussion gave me nice overview of Elixir. After the panel I gain knowledge what benefits of using Elixir are and when using it is not an best idea.

Second panel was on "HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE JAVASCRIPT WORLD AS A RUBY PROGRAMMER AND STAY SANE" topic. Guys were talking about future of CoffeScript 2.0 (rather about no future for it), Webpack, Vue.js, EmberJS and of course React.

Beside official talks, some really nice lightning talks were presented. Some of guys mentioned Go language and they convinced me to give it a try. Luckily, couple days ago I traded one of my JS books for introduction to Go book, so you can expect blog post about it in the near future.

I spent great weekend at Wroclove.rb 2017 and I can highly recommend this event to any Rubist. I met really nice people, had fun, learnt a lot and gained motivation for further learning. What's more, I will definitely do my best to get back there next year.