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Offline access to documentation

Are you working from bus/train/airport or any other place where the Internet is limited? Prepare for such occasions and keep your offline docs on your machine.

Sometimes I'm working from train where access to the Internet is not very stable. Unfortunately, I'm not the type of person who remembers all React documentation by heart and I often need to check something. When I'm working from office or home it is not a problem because I can Google anything in a matter of seconds. The problem is when I need to check something quickly and I'm sitting on the train somewhere between Szczecin and Warsaw (Poland generally has access to the fast and stable internet, but unfortunately between big cities, there are still areas where the mobile internet does not work at all).

I used to keep open tabs with necessary documentation in my browser, but this solution is not perfect. The much better solution is to get some app which allows to download and preview documentation. I'm a Mac user and I can highly recommend Dash for it. Dash has a great search engine and very rich database of available documentations. The app looks and works really nice. More importantly, docs are updated on daily basis.

For Windows and Linux users I can recommend Zeal and (offline support). Both applications are available for free.